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How Oxfordsitters Works.

We match our sitters to your family’s needs so you can be assured your children are in safe hands whilst you enjoy some well deserved me time off.

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  • Family Information Form
We understand that your family’s needs are unique, so we use the ‘family information form’ to match you with the right sitters.
  • Profile Match
Once you have seen your sitter profiles we will confirm your sitter for the evening from your chosen matches.
  • Sitter Introduction
Our service offers a pre-sit visit so you and your children can get to know the sitters before heading off for that well deserved night out. Please contact us if you would like to arrange a pre-sit visit along with your booking.
  • An Evening Out!
Your sitter will arrive at the required time and stay and care for your children whilst you are away. You pay your sitter cash directly at the end of the evening. Sitters rates may vary between £8-10 per hour dependent on location and experience.
  • Let us know
Do let us know how you all get on – we love to hear what your children thought of their sitter.