One of our mums at Oxfordsitters has given us her views on what to look for when searching for the perfect sitter.

speechSo my husband and I have been invited to a Christmas party, we’ve had that date on the calendar for the for a few weeks now, I’ve seen the outfit I want to wear but there’s just the small issue of who is going to look after the children! Both our parents live too far away and all our friends will be out partying too, there’s the teenager next door but would she know what to do if the baby cries or worse if something happened and she needs to administer first aid, I did see someone advertising their services on a social media page but how do I know I can trust her, would she have experience, who might she be? How do I feel about having someone I’ve never met look after my 2 precious children!? They could be serial killers!!

At this point I didn’t want to go to the party anymore, I couldn’t face an evening being on edge worrying that my phone could ring any minute that I’d have to quickly get home, it would be a disaster!! We’d been on a couple of date nights but only when one of our parents was visiting.


That’s when my friend suggested I use a babysitter from Oxfordsitters, she’s been using them for a couple of months now and said they’re lovely. I hadn’t used an agency before so decided to have a look at their website;

  • All their sitters are paediatric first aid trained – tick
  • They are qualified and have childcare experience – tick
  • They are interviewed personally by Jess and Amy the founders – tick
  • All have references checked too – tick!!
  • It all sounded too good to be true!

The registration process

So I decided to check out the website where I could see a few of the sitter profiles they sounded perfect, just what we needed, so I registered to find out more, the registration process was really easy I just popped my details in and they sent me a welcome email explaining a little more about how they work, I wanted to do a trial run before the big party so subscribed as a user, my subscription included the first booking which I made for the following Saturday.

The pre-sit meet

We had a short visit from our allocated sitter a couple of days before our first booked “sit” she was lovely, the children took to her straight away, she spent a good deal of time getting to know each child and asked me lots of important questions too like what their favourite teddy was and what she should do if they wake up, how best to get them back off to sleep and what our boundaries were around food and drink before bedtime, how many stories and so on.

Feeling confident

By the time Saturday came around I was feeling excited about going out and I was confident about leaving the children with someone new although I was sure we’d still have a few tears. The children were really excited that she was visiting again and even had their pyjamas on in record time. We went out knowing that our children were happy and being cared for by someone who adored being with kids, she works with children during the day and gives up her evenings to do more childcare!! We had a lovely relaxed evening, we received a couple of text updates during the evening which made me relax more and the children were fast asleep when we arrived home.

The Christmas party

I am now looking forward to the Christmas party, I’m off to buy that outfit I’ve had my eye on!!