About Oxfordsitters

About Oxfordsitters

‘Oxfordsitters’ was founded in 2015. With an increasing trend of families ‘finding’ a babysitter through social media pages, we wanted to make sure we could mould a safe service that could be accessed by parents through social media but also with the knowledge that all of our sitters would have been fully vetted, interviewed and referenced – twice!

Jess and Amy met whilst working with young families in Oxfordshire back in 2009.
Parents themselves, they also have a wealth of childcare experience and qualifications working in the childcare sector and family support. Their true passion is ‘getting it right’ for families.

Our motto is that we would never recruit a sitter that we wouldn’t trust to leave our own children with. Our aim is to make sure the right sitter is matched to your home so that your children are cared for in a way that is specified by you, the parents. Our flexible service also allows you to meet your sitter for an hour before they come to you for the booked evening if you wish to.

We always try to send the same sitter to allow for continuity of care and so you and your children can build a relationship with your sitter. Our bespoke service means that we can tailor your family needs to high quality childcare within your own home.

After joining Oxford Sitters we will send you a family information form so you can tell us everything you would like us to know

Step 1 – Become a Member

To begin, please purchase a Membership and during checkout register your details. We use these when setting up your account required when you book your sitters.

I can’t recommend Oxford Sitters enough – we were only in Oxford for one night but Amy’s communication beforehand was excellent and Lisa, the sitter, couldn’t have been better. She made my two little ones feel immediately at home, and brought a bag of activities for them which they loved. There were no issues when we left (which I had been expecting) because the kids felt so comfortable with Lise and just wanted to play with her! She text when they were asleep (before 8!) which was brilliant.
Many thanks,